How to say work in Pashto wɜrk

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كار، زيار، ربړ ګالنه، چار، دنده، وظيفه: دكار محصول، كړنه، اثر، شاهكار، پوخ كار، ددماغ محصول (لكه تاليفات)، انځور، كښيده: دانجنيرۍ دفن په اساس جوړ شوى (لكه ،ساعت ماشين): فابريكه، چار ځاى: (جمع) دميخانيكي شيانو متحركي برخې، كار ګري، دكار استعداد: ځګ: (


effort made in order to achieve or make something

He has done a lot of work on this project

كېدل، كول، زيار كښل، زحمت ګالل، بوختېدل، لګيا كيدل، اغيز كول، اثر كول پاى ته رسېدل، په تكليف اجرا كول: ايشول، خمبره كول


to (cause to) make efforts in order to achieve or make something

She works at the factory three days a week; He works his employees very hard; I've been working on/at a new project.




I cannot find work in this town.

ددندي محل ته تلنه


to be employed

Are you working just now?



a task or tasks; the thing that one is working on

Please clear your work off the table.

كار كوونه


to (cause to) operate (in the correct way)

He has no idea how that machine works / how to work that machine; That machine doesn't/won't work, but this one's working.



a painting, book, piece of music etc

the works of Van Gogh / Shakespeare/Mozart; This work was composed in 1816.

له برياليتوب څخه ډك


to be practicable and/or successful

If my scheme works, we'll be rich!

عمل كړنه


the product or result of a person's labours

His work has shown a great improvement lately.

كوښښ كول


to make (one's way) slowly and carefully with effort or difficulty

She worked her way up the rock face.

د كار محل


one's place of employment

He left (his) work at 5.30 p.m.; I don't think I'll go to work tomorrow.

كار كول


to get into, or put into, a stated condition or position, slowly and gradually

The wheel worked loose.



to make by craftsmanship

The ornaments had been worked in gold.

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