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an act of stopping or state of being stopped

We made only two stops on our journey; Work came to a stop for the day.



to (make something) cease moving, or come to rest, a halt etc

He stopped the car and got out; This train does not stop at Birmingham; He stopped to look at the map; He signalled with his hand to stop the bus.

مَوْقِف، مَحَطَّه


a place for eg a bus to stop

a bus stop.



to prevent from doing something

We must stop him (from) going; I was going to say something rude but stopped myself just in time.

عَلامَة وَقْف


in punctuation, a full stop

Put a stop at the end of the sentence.

يَتَوَقَّف عَن


to discontinue or cease eg doing something

That woman just can't stop talking; The rain has stopped; It has stopped raining.

أداة تَعْديل النَّغَمَة في آلةٍ موسيقِيَّه


a device on a flute etc for covering the holes in order to vary the pitch, or knobs for bringing certain pipes into use on an organ.



to block or close

He stopped his ears with his hands when she started to shout at him.

أداة لِوَقْف حَرَكَة أي شيء


a device, eg a wedge etc, for stopping the movement of something, or for keeping it in a fixed position

a door-stop.

يُعَدِّل النَّغَم بالضَّغْط على وَتَر الكَمان


to close (a hole, eg on a flute) or press down (a string on a violin etc) in order to play a particular note.

يُقيم او يَنْزِلُ في الفُنْدُق


to stay

Will you be stopping long at the hotel?

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