How to say start in Arabic stɑrt

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إهْتِزازَة الجِسْم


a sudden movement of the body

He gave a start of surprise.



the beginning of an activity, journey, race etc

I told him at the start that his idea would not succeed; The runners lined up at the start; He stayed in the lead after a good start; I shall have to make a start on that work.

يَبْدأ الرِّحْلَه


to leave or begin a journey

We shall have to start at 5.30 a.m. in order to get to the boat in time.



a shock

What a start the news gave me!

إنْدِفاع، إنْطِلاق


in a race etc, the advantage of beginning before or further forward than others, or the amount of time, distance etc gained through this

The youngest child in the race got a start of five metres; The driver of the stolen car already had twenty minutes' start before the police began the pursuit.

يَبْدأ، يَشْرَع


to begin

He starts working at six o'clock every morning; She started to cry; She starts her new job next week; Haven't you started (on) your meal yet?; What time does the play start?

يَقْفِز، يَهْتَز


to jump or jerk suddenly because of fright, surprise etc

The sudden noise made me start.



to (cause an engine etc to) begin to work

I can't start the car; The car won't start; The clock stopped but I started it again.



to cause something to begin or begin happening etc

One of the students decided to start a college magazine.

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