How to say snap in Pashto snæp

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خرپ، خوپهار، كپ، خوله اچونه: بړچ: ديخ څپه (چې لنډه وي)، سړه سېلۍ


(the noise of) an act of snapping

There was a loud snap as his pencil broke.

خوله اچول، كپول (لكه سپى چې مچ ته خوله اچوي): بړچ وهل (په قارږغ كول): ژراخېستل، په بيړه رانيول: په خرپ شكېدل: په خرپ تړل، په درب بندول: ارتاوول، غورځول: پړكېدل، ځلېدل، بريښېدل (لكه سترګې


(with at ) to make a biting movement, to try to grasp with the teeth

The dog snapped at his ankles.

عکس فوری


a photograph; a snapshot

He wanted to show us his holiday snaps.

خوله اچول


to break with a sudden sharp noise

He snapped the stick in half; The handle of the cup snapped off.



done, made etc quickly

a snap decision.

نوعی بازی


a kind of simple card game

They were playing snap.



to (cause to) make a sudden sharp noise, in moving etc

The lid snapped shut.

جنجال كول


to speak in a sharp especially angry way

`Mind your own business!' he snapped.

عکس نیول


to take a photograph of

He snapped the children playing in the garden.

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