How to say shoot in Arabic ʃut

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يُطْلِقُ النّار


(often with at ) to send or fire (bullets, arrows etc) from a gun, bow etc

The enemy were shooting at us; He shot an arrow through the air.



to hit or kill with a bullet, arrow etc

He went out to shoot pigeons; He was sentenced to be shot at dawn.

يَرمي نَظْرَة غَضَب


to direct swiftly and suddenly

She shot them an angry glance.

يَنْدَفِع، يَنْطَلِق


to move swiftly

He shot out of the room; The pain shot up his leg; The force of the explosion shot him across the room.



to take (usually moving) photographs (for a film)

That film was shot in Spain; We will start shooting next week.

يَقْذِفُ الكُرَه


to kick or hit at a goal in order to try to score.

بُرْعُم، فَسيلَه


a new growth on a plant

The deer were eating the young shoots on the trees.

يَقْتُلُ الطّيور من أجل الرياضَه


to kill (game birds etc) for sport.

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