Translations for muchmʌtʃ



(by) a great deal; (by) far

She's much prettier than I am; He isn't much older than you; How much further must we walk?; much more easily; He's much the best person to ask.



a (great) amount or quantity of

This job won't take much effort; I found it without much difficulty; How much sugar is there left?; There's far too much salt in my soup; He ate so much ice-cream that he was sick; Take as much money as you need; After much discussion they decided to go.



to a great extent or degree

He will be much missed; We don't see her much; I thanked her very much; much too late; I've much too much to do; The accident was as much my fault as his. Much to my dismay, she began to cry.



a large amount; a great deal

He didn't say much about it; Much of this trouble could have been prevented; Did you eat much?; not much; too much; as much as I wanted; How much did you eat?; Only this/that / so much; How much is (= What is the price of) that fish?; Please tidy your room; – it isn't much to ask.

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary

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