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کپڑے سکھانے کی رسی یا تار


(a piece of) thread, cord, rope etc

She hung the washing on the line; a fishing-rod and line.

اندر سے غلاف لگانا


to cover on the inside

She lined the box with newspaper.

قطاروں میں کھڑے ہونا


to form lines along

Crowds lined the pavement to see the Queen.

خط ، لکیر


a long, narrow mark, streak or stripe

She drew straight lines across the page; a dotted/wavy line.

لکیروں سے نمایاں کرنا


to mark with lines.

پوشاک میں استر لگانا


to put a lining in

She lined the dress with silk.

باہری شکل، خاکہ


outline or shape especially relating to length or direction

The ship had very graceful lines; A dancer uses a mirror to improve his line.



a groove on the skin; a wrinkle.



a row or group of objects or persons arranged side by side or one behind the other

The children stood in a line; a line of trees.

چھوٹا سا خط


a short letter

I'll drop him a line.

لوگوں کا سلسلہ جو یکے بعد دیگر آتے ہیں


a series or group of persons which come one after the other especially in the same family

a line of kings.

سمت یا جہت


a track or direction

He pointed out the line of the new road; a new line of research.

ریل کی پٹری


the railway or a single track of the railway

Passengers must cross the line by the bridge only.

سلسلے وار نظام


a continuous system (especially of pipes, electrical or telephone cables etc) connecting one place with another

a pipeline; a line of communication; All (telephone) lines are engaged.

لکھے الفاظ کی ایک خط


a row of written or printed words

The letter contained only three lines; a poem of sixteen lines.

ہوائی جہاز یا سمندری جہاز کی باضابطہ خدمت


a regular service of ships, aircraft etc

a shipping line.

اشیا کی جماعت، کسی کا مخصوص علاقئہ عمل


a group or class (of goods for sale) or a field of activity, interest etc

This has been a very popular new line; Computers are not really my line.

فوج کی قطار بندی


an arrangement of troops, especially when ready to fight

fighting in the front line.

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