Translations for hopehoʊp



(any reason or encouragement for) the state of feeling that what one wants will or might happen

He has lost all hope of becoming the president; He came to see me in the hope that I would help him; He has hopes of winning a scholarship; The rescuers said there was no hope of finding anyone alive in the mine.



a person, thing etc that one is relying on for help etc

He's my last hope; – there is no-one else I can ask.



to want something to happen and have some reason to believe that it will or might happen

He's very late, but we are still hoping he will come; I hope to be in London next month; We're hoping for some help from other people; It's unlikely that he'll come now, but we keep on hoping; `Do you think it will rain?' `I hope so/not'.



something hoped for

My hope is that he will get married and settle down soon.

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary

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