How to say high in Urdu haɪ

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زمین یا سمندر کی سطح سے کسی اوںچائی کی نسبت سے


at, from, or reaching up to, a great distance from ground-level, sea-level etc

a high mountain; a high dive; a dive from the high diving-board.

ایک مخصوص لمبائی


having a particular height

This building is about 20 metres high; My horse is fifteen hands high.

عظيم، وسیع


great; large; considerable

The car was travelling at high speed; He has a high opinion of her work; They charge high prices; high hopes; The child has a high fever/temperature.

نہایت اہم


most important; very important

the high altar in a church; Important criminal trials are held at the High Court; a high official.

بہت عظیم اور اعلی


noble; good

high ideals.



(of a wind) strong

The wind is high tonight.

بلند آواز


(of sounds) at or towards the top of a (musical) range

a high note.

بچے کی آواز کی طرح


(of voices) like a child's voice (rather than like a man's)

He still speaks in a high voice.

خراب ہونے کی حالت میں


(of food, especially meat) beginning to go bad.

بہت زیادہ قیمتی


having great value

Aces and kings are high cards.

زمین یا سمندر کی سطح سے بہت اوںچائی پر


at, or to, a great distance from ground-level, sea-level etc

The plane was flying high in the sky; He'll rise high in his profession.

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