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راس، سیش


the top part of the human body, containing the eyes, mouth, brain etc; the same part of an animal's body

The stone hit him on the head; He scratched his head in amazement.

کسی چیز کے آگے یا اوپر جانا


to go at the front of or at the top of (something)

The procession was headed by the band; Whose name headed the list?

کسی انسان کا ذہن


a person's mind

An idea came into my head last night.

قیادت کرنا


to be in charge of; to be the leader of

He heads a team of scientists investigating cancer.

سر جتنی اونچائی


the height or length of a head

The horse won by a head.

کسی خاص سمت جانا


(often with for ) to (cause to) move in a certain direction

The explorers headed south; The boys headed for home; You're heading for disaster!

سردار یا سب سے اہم شخص


the chief or most important person (of an organization, country etc)

Kings and presidents are heads of state; (also adjective) a head waiter; the head office.

کسی چیز کا عنوان دینا


to put or write something at the beginning of

His report was headed `Ways of Preventing Industrial Accidents'.

شکل یا مقام میں سر کی طرح


anything that is like a head in shape or position

the head of a pin; The boy knocked the heads off the flowers.

فٹبال کو سر سے مارنا


(in football) to hit the ball with the head

He headed the ball into the goal.

ندی کے آغاذ کا مقام


the place where a river, lake etc begins

the head of the Nile.

کسی شے کا اوپری حصہ


the top, or the top part, of anything

Write your address at the head of the paper; the head of the table.

اگلا حصہ


the front part

He walked at the head of the procession.

کوئی خاص صلاحیت


a particular ability or tolerance

He has no head for heights; She has a good head for figures.

ہیڈماسٹر یا ہیڈ مسٹریس


a headmaster or headmistress

You'd better ask the Head.

فی شخص


(for) one person

This dinner costs $10 a head.

چھجے نما چٹان


a headland

Beachy Head.

بیئر وغیرہ کے گلاس پر بنی جھاگ


the foam on the top of a glass of beer etc.

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