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سبز، ہرا


of the colour of growing grass or the leaves of most plants

a green hat.

گھاس ، پتوں اور پودوں کا رنگ


the colour of grass or the leaves of plants

the green of the trees in summer.



not ripe

green bananas.

سبز رنگ کی کوئی شے


something (eg paint) green in colour

I've used up all my green.

بغیر تجربہ کے


without experience

Only someone as green as you would believe a story like that.

گھاس سے بھرا کوئی علاقہ


an area of grass

a village green.

پیلا پڑنا یا بیمار دکھنا


looking as if one is about to be sick; very pale

He was green with envy (= very jealous).

گولف کے میدان میں کوئی گھاس والا علاقہ جہاں گیند کو ڈالنے کا سوراخ ہو


an area of grass on a golf course with a small hole in the centre.

ماحول کی حفاظت سے متعلق


concerned with the protection of the environment

green issues; a green political party.

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