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تماس؛ ضربه آهسته


an act or sensation of touching

I felt a touch on my shoulder.

تماس پیدا کردن


to be in, come into, or make, contact with something else

Their shoulders touched; He touched the water with his foot.



(often with the ) one of the five senses, the sense by which we feel things

the sense of touch; The stone felt cold to the touch.

لمس کردن


to feel (lightly) with the hand

He touched her cheek.

پرداخت؛ ریزه کاری


a mark or stroke etc to improve the appearance of something

The painting still needs a few finishing touches.

تحت تاثیر قرار دادن؛ متاثر کردن


to affect the feelings of; to make (someone) feel pity, sympathy etc

I was touched by her generosity.



skill or style

He hasn't lost his touch as a writer.

پرداختن؛ سر و کار داشتن با


to be concerned with; to have anything to do with

I wouldn't touch a job like that.

خارج از محوطه بازی


(in football) the ground outside the edges of the pitch (which are marked out withˈtouchlines )

He kicked the ball into touch.

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