How to say Record in Swedish rɪˈkɔrd; ˈrɛk ərd

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dokument, uppteckning, protokoll


a written report of facts, events etc

historical records; I wish to keep a record of everything that is said at this meeting.

uppteckna, protokollföra


to write a description of (an event, facts etc) so that they can be read in the future

The decisions will be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.



a round flat piece of (usually black) plastic on which music etc is recorded

a record of Beethoven's Sixth Symphony.

spela in


to put (the sound of music, speech etc) on a record or tape so that it can be listened to in the future

I've recorded the whole concert; Don't make any noise when I'm recording.



(in races, games, or almost any activity) the best performance so far; something which has never yet been beaten

He holds the record for the 1,000 metres; The record for the high jump was broken/beaten this afternoon; He claimed to have eaten fifty sausages in a minute and asked if this was a record; (also adjective) a record score.



(of a dial, instrument etc) to show (a figure etc) as a reading

The thermometer recorded 30; C yesterday.

meritlista, förflutet


the collected facts from the past of a person, institution etc

This school has a very poor record of success in exams; He has a criminal record.

avge, [in]registrera


to give or show, especially in writing

to record one's vote in an election.

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