How to say Play in Romanian pleɪ

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joc, dis­trac­ţie


recreation; amusement

A person must have time for both work and play.

a se juca; a se distra


to amuse oneself

The child is playing in the garden; He is playing with his toys; The little girl wants to play with her friends.

piesă de teatru


an acted story; a drama

Shakespeare wrote many great plays.

a juca


to take part in (games etc)

He plays football; He is playing in goal; Here's a pack of cards; – who wants to play (with me)?; I'm playing golf with him this evening.



the playing of a game

At the start of today's play, England was leading India by fifteen runs.

a juca


to act in a play etc; to act (a character)

She's playing Lady Macbeth; The company is playing in London this week.



freedom of movement (eg in part of a machine).

a juca


(of a play etc) to be performed

`Oklahoma' is playing at the local theatre.

a cânta (la)


to (be able to) perform on (a musical instrument)

She plays the piano; Who was playing the piano this morning?; He plays (the oboe) in an orchestra.

a juca (o festă)


(usually with on ) to carry out or do (a trick)

He played a trick on me.

a face umbre


(usually with at ) to compete against (someone) in a game etc

I'll play you at tennis.

a juca, a pune jos


(of light) to pass with a flickering movement

The firelight played across the ceiling.

a juca, a pune jos


to put down or produce (a playing-card) as part of a card game

He played the seven of hearts.

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