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دو برابر حصوں میں سے ایک ہونا


being (equal to) one of two equal parts (of something)

a half bottle of wine.



a small area of still water

The rain left pools in the road.

نر یا مادہ، جنس


either of the two classes (male and female) into which human beings and animals are divided according to the part they play in producing children or young

Jeans are worn by people of both sexes; What sex is the puppy?



the north or south end of the Earth's axis

the North/South Pole.

کسی چیز کی آدھی مقدار


a half-dozen; a half-kilo of tea.

دو چیزوں کے برابر اتصال سے بنا


being made up of two things in equal parts

A centaur is a mythical creature, half man and half horse.

تالاب کے بقدر


a similar area of any liquid

a pool of blood/oil.

کرۂ ارض کا سرا


the points in the heavens opposite the Earth's North and South Poles, around which stars seem to turn.

مقناطيس کے متقابل نقطے


either of the opposite ends of a magnet

The opposite poles of magnets attract each other.

ايک اليکٹرک سرکٹ


in an electric circuit, a point of connection to a battery etc

the positive/negative terminal.

اليکٹرک بيٹري کے دونوں متقابل سرے


either of the opposite terminals of an electric battery

the positive/negative pole.

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