How to say OD in Urdu ˈoʊˈdi

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سے دور، سے نيچے


away from; down from

It fell off the table; a mile off the coast; He cut about five centimetres off my hair.

کا، سے منسوب


belonging to

a friend of mine.

کسی خاص وقت سے اب تک


from the time of (something in the past) until the present time

She has been very unhappy ever since her quarrel with her boyfriend.

جس سے یا جہاں سے آغاذ ہو


used before the place, thing, person, time etc that is the point at which an action, journey, period of time etc begins

from Europe to Asia; from Monday to Friday; a letter from her father.

کسی کے ذریعہ کچھ حاصل ہونا

at the hands of

from, or by the action of

He received very rough treatment at the hands of the terrorists.



always; continually

They lived happily ever after; I've known her ever since she was a baby.

مخالف سمت پر


in the opposite direction

She turned away so that he would not see her tears.

تقابل کے ليے استعمال ہونے والا ايک لفظ


a word used in comparisons

It is easier than I thought; I sing better than he does; He sings better than me.

ماضی کے کسی وقت سے اب تک کے درمیان


at a time between (something in the past) and the present time

I've changed my address since last year.

دور، پرے


away from (a place etc); after (a given time)

within five miles of London; within a year of his death.

ميں سے

out of

from among

Four out of five people like this song.

کسی وقت سے


from the time of (the invention, discovery etc of)

the greatest invention since the wheel.

محرومیت ظاہر کرنے کے لۓ


used to indicate separation

Take it from him.

کا لکھا ہوا


written etc by

the plays of Shakespeare.



belonging to or forming a group

He is one of my friends.



used (in the passive voice) to show the person or thing which performs an action

struck by a stone.

سبب یا نتیجہ ظاہر کرنے کے لۓ


used to indicate a cause or reason

He is suffering from a cold.

کسی چیز کے نتیجے میں جیسے خوف سے ڈرنا


as the result of

He is shaking with fear.

قیمت کے اظہار کے طور پر



bread at $1.20 a loaf.

سے بنا ہوا، پر مشتمل


made from; consisting of

a dress of silk; a collection of pictures.

سبب کو بتانے کے ليے


used to show a cause

She died of hunger.

کردار، صفات کو بتلانے کے ليے


used to show character, qualities etc

a man of courage.

کچھ منٹوں کي بقيہ تعداد


(American) (of time) a certain number of minutes before (the hour)

It's ten minutes of three.

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