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(one of the kinds of) substance of which the organs of the body are made

nervous tissue; the tissues of the body.



a place (usually underground) from which metals, coal, salt etc are dug

a coalmine; My father worked in the mines.

चक्की का पत्थर


one of the two large, heavy stones used in an old-fashioned mill for grinding grain.

चोंच मारना


(of birds) to strike or pick up with the beak, usually in order to eat

The birds pecked at the corn; The bird pecked his hand.

किसी चीज को जारी करने के लिए ‍िस्वच इत्यादि घुमाना

turn on

to turn (a tap, switch etc) so that something works

I turned on the tap.



allowing light to pass through, but not transparent

translucent silk.

विशेष अध्ययन


a piece of land etc where minerals or other natural resources are found

an oil-field; a coalfield.

खदान इत्यादि में वह भाग जहां काम चल रहा है


in mining, the end of a tunnel etc where work is being done

a coal face.

बिना चाभी के किसी और चीज से ताला खोलना


to unlock (a lock) with a tool other than a key

When she found that she had lost her key, she picked the lock with a hair-pin.

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