How to say KO in Vietnamese ˈkeɪˈoʊ, ˈkeɪˌoʊ; ˈkeɪˈoʊ

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khi mà


(at or during) the time at which

It happened when I was abroad; When you see her, give her this message; When I've finished, I'll telephone you.



(also adjective) (of) the material of which rocks are composed

limestone; sandstone; a stone house; stone walls; In early times, men made tools out of stone.

bò cái


the female of cattle used for giving milk

He has ten cows and a bull.

mặc dù


in spite of the fact that; considering that

Why do you walk when you have a car?

hàng; lối


a line of people waiting for something or to do something

a queue for the bus.

cục đá có bất kì hình dáng nào


a piece of this, of any shape or size

He threw a stone at the dog.

gậy bi a


a stick which gets thinner towards one end and the point of which is used to strike the ball in playing billiards.

chỉ giống cái của một số động vật


the female of certain other animals eg the elephant, whale.

ai vậy nhỉ


(also who ever ) used in questions to express surprise etc

Whoever said that?

người (giống đực)


any (male) person

He who hesitates is lost.



(used as the subject of a verb) what person(s)(?)

Who is that woman in the green hat?; Who did that?; Who won?; Do you know who all these people are?

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