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in the event that; on condition that

He will have to go into hospital if his illness gets any worse; I'll only stay if you can stay too.



used with past participle of other verbs to show that an action is in the indefinite past and has been completed

I've bought a new dictionary; Has he gone yet?.

  • hetAfrikaans
  • يُسْتَعْمل مع صيغة الفِعل المُضارع التامArabic
  • спомагателен глагол за минало времеBulgarian
  • (ter)Portuguese (BR)
  • (pomocné sloveso v předpřítomném čase)Czech
  • ImperfektGerman
  • haveDanish
  • έχω (με παθ. μτχ. για το σχηματισμό του παρακειμένου)Greek
  • tenerSpanish
  • olemaEstonian
  • به عنوان فعل کمکی بکار می رودFarsi
  • ollaFinnish
  • avoirFrench
  • הֲטַיָית עָבַרHebrew
  • पास होनाHindi
  • pomocni glagol imati (Present Perfect)Croatian
  • (a„befejezett jelen”)Hungarian
  • telahIndonesian
  • hafaIcelandic
  • avereItalian
  • 完了形をつくるJapanese
  • …했다, …해버렸다Korean
  • yra (padaręs)Lithuanian
  • (kā palīgdarbības vārds)Latvian
  • telah; sudahMalay
  • hebbenDutch
  • haNorwegian
  • (czasownik posiłkowy)Polish
  • به عنوان فعل کمکی بکار می رودPersian
  • د مرستندوی فعل ته استعمالیږیPashto
  • (ter)Portuguese
  • a aveaRomanian
  • уже (сделать что-л.)Russian
  • doživeti neštoSerbian
  • haSwedish
  • ใช้ใน Present Perfect TenseThai
  • yardımcı fiil-The Present Perfect TenseTurkish
  • 與過去分詞連用,構成過去或現在完成式Chinese (Trad.)
  • як допоміжне дієслово для утворення форм perfectUkrainian
  • دوسرے افعال کے ماضی ماضیہ کے ساتھ ملا کر کسی عمل کے ماضی میں مکمل ہونے کو ظاہر کرتا ہےUrdu
  • dùng với quá khứ phân từ để tạo thành thời hoàn thànhVietnamese
  • 与其他动词组合表示过去时态,用以构成完成式及完成式的不定式Chinese (Simp.)


an expression of surprise, triumph etc

Ha! I've found it!



to arrange (one's hair) in a particular way

She wears her hair in a pony-tail.



(also have got ) to possess something as part of oneself or in some way connected with oneself

She has blue eyes; Our house has six rooms; I've got a pain in my stomach.



to enjoy or suffer

We had a lovely holiday.



to think or feel

I have some doubts about this project.

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