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used to form the comparative of many adjectives and adverbs, especially those of more than two syllables

She can do it more easily that I can; He is much more intelligent than they are.



a female person or animal already spoken about

When the girl saw us, she asked the time.

būt pārākam


to stand out beyond others (in some quality etc); to do very well (in or at some activity)

He excelled in mathematics / at football.

meitene; sieviete; (par dzīvnieku) mātīte


a female person or animal

Is a cow a he or a she?

dzīšana (medībās)


hunting (of animals)

the pleasures of the chase.

nekā; par


a word used in comparisons

It is easier than I thought; I sing better than he does; He sings better than me.

tā; viņa


any female person

She who runs the fastest will be the winner.

skūpstīt; skūpstīties


to touch with the lips as a sign of affection

She kissed him when he arrived home; The child kissed his parents goodnight; The film ended with a shot of the lovers kissing.

pāri par; vairāk nekā

in excess of

more than

His salary is in excess of $25,000 a year.

sirēna; signāltaure


an instrument which makes a hooting sound

the factory hooter.

(automašīnas) []taure


the apparatus in a car etc which gives a warning sound

The driver blew his horn.

rags; taure


an instrument, formerly an animal's horn but now made of brass, that is blown to produce a musical sound

a hunting-horn.

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