How to say HAND in Korean hænd; ˈlɜr nɪd

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the part of the body at the end of the arm.

집어 주다


to give (something) to someone by hand

I handed him the book; He handed it back to me; I'll go up the ladder, and you can hand the tools up to me.

시계의 바늘


a pointer on a clock, watch etc

Clocks usually have an hour hand and a minute hand.

(남에게) 손을 빌려 주다


to pass, transfer etc into another's care etc

That is the end of my report from Paris. I'll now hand you back to Fred Smith in the television studio in London.

일손, 일꾼


a person employed as a helper, crew member etc

a farm hand; All hands on deck!

조력, 도움


help; assistance

Can I lend a hand?; Give me a hand with this box, please.

(카드놀이에서) 가진 패


a set of playing-cards dealt to a person

I had a very good hand so I thought I had a chance of winning.

손바닥의 폭(말의 키 따위를 재는 단위)


a measure (approximately centimetres) used for measuring the height of horses

a horse of 14 hands.




written in a neat hand.

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