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پیر؛ مسن


advanced in age

an old man; He is too old to live alone.



made in imitation of something more valuable, especially with the intention of deceiving

fake diamonds.

غیر واقعی


not true

a fictitious account.

قبلاً؛ پیش از اینکه


before a particular time; previously

I had already gone when Tom arrived; I don't want that book; – I've read it already.

طاقچه ؛ قفسه


a board for laying things on

There are shelves on the kitchen walls.

بزرگ شدن

be/get etc long in the tooth

(of a person or animal) to be, become etc, old

I'm getting a bit long in the tooth to climb mountains.

بدلی؛ جعلی


not genuine or not real.

هنوز؛ تا حالا


before the expected time

Are you leaving already?; He hasn't gone already, has he?

هزینه ها

terms(noun plural)

fixed charges (for work, service etc)

The firms sent us a list of their terms.

ساختگی؛ تقلیدی


pretended or not real

a mock battle; He looked at me in mock horror.

خرد کردن


to break up (a substance) into powder or liquid

She pounded the dried herbs.

قلابی؛ دروغین


false; not genuine

She was fooled by his bogus identity card.

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