How to say FIT in Urdu fɪt

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صحت مند


in good health

I am feeling very fit.

اچانک بیماری کا دورہ


a sudden attack of illness, especially epilepsy

She suffers from fits.

حجم یا شکل میں درست ہونا


to be the right size or shape (for someone or something)

The coat fits (you) very well.



suitable; correct for a particular purpose or person

a dinner fit for a king.

اچانک واقع ہونے والی شے


something which happens as suddenly as this

a fit of laughter/coughing.

کسی شخص یا مقصد کے لۓ صحیح حجم یا شکل


the right size or shape for a particular person, purpose etc

Your dress is a very good fit.

مناسب ہونا


to be suitable for

Her speech fitted the occasion.

کسی چیز کو اس کی جگہ میں لگانا


to put (something) in position

You must fit a new lock on the door.

مہیا کرنا


to supply with; to equip with

She fitted the cupboard with shelves.

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