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joining two statements, pieces of information etc

I opened the door and went inside; The hat was blue and red; a mother and child.



another thing of exactly the same kind

He managed to find a perfect duplicate of the ring she had lost.



frozen water

The pond is covered with ice.



the one in playing-cards

the ace of spades.

il, elle, le, la, lui


(used as the subject of a verb or object of a verb or preposition) the thing spoken of, used especially of lifeless things and of situations, but also of animals and babies

If you find my pencil, please give it to me; The dog is in the garden, isn't it?; I picked up the baby because it was crying; He decided to run a mile every morning but he couldn't keep it up.

époux, ouse, (prince) consort


a (especially royal) wife or husband

prince consort (= the husband of a reigning queen).

partenaire; cavalier/-ière


one of two people who dance, play in a game etc together

a tennis/dancing partner.



people playing together in a game

The champions were defeated by the partnership of Jones and Smith in the men's doubles.

je, moi


(only as the subject of a verb) the word used by a speaker or writer in talking about himself or herself

I can't find my book; John and I have always been friends.

il, ce


used as a subject in certain kinds of sentences eg in talking about the weather, distance or time

Is it raining very hard?; It's cold; It is five o'clock; Is it the fifth of March?; It's two miles to the village; Is it your turn to make the tea?; It is impossible for him to finish the work; It was nice of you to come; Is it likely that he would go without us?



as a result of which

Try hard and you will succeed.

époux, ouse


a husband or wife.

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