How to say ATE in Icelandic ˈeɪ ti, ˈɑ ti

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(alla leið) til/að

as far as

to the place or point mentioned

We walked as far as the lake.

til,þar/þangað til


to the time of or when

I'll wait till six o'clock; Go on till you reach the station.

(þar) til; fyrr en


to the time of or when

He was here until one o'clock; I won't know until I get a letter from him.

til,þar til



Did you stay to the end of the concert?

upp að; fram að

up to

as far, or as much, as

He counted up to 100; Up to now, the work has been easy.

frá .{{TH}}.{{TH}}. til (og með)


(American) from ... to (inclusive)

I work Monday through Friday.

ekki seinna en


(of time) not later than

by 6 o'clock.

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